Garter Belt

Garter Belt

Garter Belt

The garter belt is an article or garment of clothing manufactured mainly for women. Garter belts are a fabric that goes around the waist, with long attachments made out of materials designed to be stretchy, which were mainly used to attach stockings to. These include versions with either four or six attachments. Generally, the ones with six attachments tend to hold up better than the ones with four, but choosing either depend on personal experience and preference. These did not become popularized until the 1940s and 50s, where vintage pin-up models of the period were depicted wearing them, and the people who admired them learned how to wear a garter belt for their own purposes.

See more information on the garter belt wedding tradition, and how it impacted marriage unions during those periods. It used to be that things like stockings and pantyhose only came up to the thigh, meaning that they did not stay on well, and would often pose a hassle for the women trying to maintain them. When garter belts came along, it offered a functional alternative to continuously pulling and lengthening the pantyhose, being able to attach itself around them and hold them up with the form factor of a fashionable belt. Though it did gain widespread popularity during these periods, that popularity waned sometime during the 1960s and onward.

Present Day Use for Garter Belts

Although they can be found today, particularly in sexy lingerie stores or departments, they are not considered the important-to-have clothing article they once were. Instead they serve as a means to spice up a sexual relationship. The most common usage we find today for the garter belt is that it is worn alongside “specialty” stockings and underwear, such as a bikini or G-string.

As production of different kinds of pantyhose took place after the 1960s, the necessity for this garment as a functional accessory had taken a downturn. Aside from that, more and more women were finding faults with the garter belt model. For one thing, the impressions on the skin made from the straps that connected the belt to the wearer were visible at all times. Plus, the types of lingerie people wore during the development periods were more skimpy and revealing than one might imagine, and the creation for these types of garments made garter belts more noticeable. These reasons and many others add to the passive modern usage.

Garter Belt Models

As you can imagine, there are many models, or types, of garter belts available on the market. These can be made from silk, fishnet, lace, leather and vinyl. Colors these days include black, white, red, pink, brown, royal or dark blue, and sometimes a combination. There are designs that have them quite thin, like a small waist belt, and those that have them resembling skirts – either silky and solid, or practically see-thru in areas. The buyer can customize how short or long she wants the garter to be.

These days, there are models with up to twelve traps that can be purchased, as opposed to the general four to six that became popularized in the early-going. As with any clothing and accessories, there are some guidelines to follow about how to buy a garter belt that can be followed.

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