Garter Belt Wedding Tradition

Garter Belt Wedding Tradition

Garter Belt Wedding Tradition

The garter belt wedding tradition has its roots in a number of elements found in weddings across a wide span of cultures. The most obvious garment tradition associated with weddings is the Western custom of having the bride adorn a white dress and a veil for her face. All customs related to garments used in traditional wedding ceremonies can be arguably traced back to the wedding of Queen Victoria, where such customs became popular and widespread.

These types of things span across the countries, with each region and province having their own customs and versions of a traditional wedding. This is where the garter belt wedding tradition comes into play, with its roots traced back to European husbands and wives. Please also check how to buy a garter belt for use in a wedding holding the appropriate traditions.

The garter belt wedding tradition is an earlier European custom that calls for the bride to adorn a garter during the wedding, in much the same fashion as a white dress and veil, for example. As the reception of the wedding comes to a close, it is the job of the groom to remove the garter belt of his new wife, which becomes tossed to another male who is not married. It used to be that the groom’s men would race to see who could dethrone the garter, which often resulted in the dress being forcibly ruined, but luckily times have changed from the Middle Ages. Any hopeful brides who wish to continue this tradition can learn more about how to wear a garter belt from another section.
It is advisable to purchase a good one for this purpose of an actual wedding, so a guide may be necessary.

What does the Garter Belt Wedding Tradition Symbolize?

In addition to the lore that the male receiving the garter will be the next one to marry, and the female receiving the bouquet will be the next to marry as well, the man and woman who caught these items are said to be the next one to either date or share a dance. The historical rationale for removing an article of the bride’s clothing after she had been married would bring good luck to the people in the congregation.

The garter itself, along with the white dress, can be synonymous with sexual purity before marriage. The symbolism for the moment that the garter is removed can also represent the (future) deflowering of the bride by the hand of the groom. There are a lot of customs and superstitions associated with seemingly simple acts and traditions, and the garter belt wedding tradition is no exception. After a reception, a bride may wish to please her groom, and this can be done on the honeymoon with accompanying sexy lingerie and equivalent wear – a full circle bonding period.

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