How to Wear a Garter Belt

How to Wear a Garter Belt

How to Wear a Garter Belt

Obviously, when it comes to the garter belt, knowing how to wear a garter belt is one of the most important aspects that a person can learn. This does not just encompass the process of putting one on though, like you might imagine when reading the introduction. It also involves choosing the right one to suit a personal style of dress.

There is a certain art form to getting a person’s proper style of dress correct. Adorning one properly, for special occasions or otherwise, according to their own tastes and preferences with other clothes articles, is something that a person will have to discover on their own. Do you go for a simple white vinyl garter belt with white stockings? It depends. Something like that can be complimentary to sexy lingerie, but it would not work out so well in the general public.

There are a lot of garter belts models. You probably already know that if you have went to one of the locations in the guide on how to buy a garter belt. As such, there are a lot of options that go with some styles of dress, and many that otherwise do not. Did you know that there are styles of garter belts meant to be revealing and alluring, and styles meant to merely serve as an accessory to bolster modest stockings? Discovering the difference is a key, because wearing one in place of the other is not opportune in some cases. The more modest ones will not have extraneous fringe or meshy patterns on it.

Modest garter belts will be straightforward and clearly designed for a single purpose – nothing bold or fancy, nor anything to draw attention to the areas of the body located around the garter. Ones designed to be alluring are the exact opposite, often in vibrant (or light) colors, see-thru in some cases, and essentially a spotlight for diverting the attention of someone to the fact that the garter has been exposed.

After you have decided on which materials and the number of straps you want, it is time to put it on. For a slimming effect, choose one with a concealed control panel for its design. Metal clips work better than plastic ones. Place the garter belt around your waist, and make sure that it sits securely, but does not feel tight. If you feel that the fabric is digging into the skin around your waist enough to leave an imprint – or vice-versa, that it is falling off – see about adjusting it.

Wear stockings designed for garter belts, identified by a thicker and darker band near the top of the thigh. Attach the clasps on the garter and ensure that they are straightened. Adjust the lengths of the straps, as you might for a brassiere. Lift each leg on something and adjust them accordingly, to avoid having them snap as you sit down or change from a standing position. Easy, right?

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